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Just an update to let you know how Camilla is doing. We are amazed at how affectionate she is and the way she always wants to be with you. My two other cats and a puppy are warming up to her, and even run around and play with her on occasion. What an awesome kitten.


My husband and I have only had Kendra, for a couple of months and we are completely in love! he is a dog person and I am a cat lady, but since I’m allergic to cats and am not a dog fan we didn’t know if we would end up getting any pets…thankfully we found

Elizabether Kumar

I just wanted to thank you for making my experience with owning my first puppy everything I thought it would be and more. I thank you for answering the million questions that I asked, also for your honesty on your puppies on which one would be suited best for my family…which he certainly was.

Thomas pith

We are so impressed with your communication. They communicate with us on a regular basis to know how our horse is doing. We are updated on he’s training. We have been treated with respect since day one and they always make a point to meet us in person and are very responsive to any questions we may have. We’ve learned so much about puppies and through them and it’s also a lot of fun! Thank you!

Kevin and Maria

Daisy is such a wonderful pup, confident, curious, quick to learn, and exceptionally well behaved. Nothing seems to faze him. He’s growing like crazy and really getting his legs under him. I must get some good photos before She is too much bigger, and I will be sure to forward some along to you. We are all so happy with him, She’s an incredible dog, thank you.

Grace Mia

A truly great experience! Great communication via emails phone calls and texts. Always ready to talk to me no matter what the question was. Extremely pleased with transaction. Everything was awesome. Again great communication!” And Thanks For Making My Daughters Wish Possible. Our lovely Frank mario is home thanks to morkie puppies hub company.

George Rona

We want to thanks you so so much for shipping our rose safely to our home. Both are enjoying their new environment

Lana Simson

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the positive experience in purchasing a pop from you. Your knowledge and understanding of these amazing animals was comforting, in that if I ever had any questions in regards to the breed I would feel confident in your response!!! Thank you, thank you.

Sam Hulston

We couldn’t possibly be happier with Loki! He came home on April 23, 2020 – since that day, my life has felt more complete. He is the sweetest, most mischievous little guy ever; in fact, his registered name is “Loki Mischief”. He’s strong and playful and a real little sweetheart; he loves cuddles and kisses.Thanks so

Ameile Anderson

My wife and I have been very pleased with our ownership experience with of a pet. Communication and customer service is top notch. Thanks for making our dream a reality.

Mike and Bethany.

We are absolutely inlove with our new puppy. Hes not only a super soft and adorable dog,but also the perfect combination of a playful and loving companion. Exactly what we were looking for.

Jc. Stones

“I believe there is no better breeder than morkie hub Home They kept me so up to date on my puppy with pictures . Our vet even backs the Shipley’s for producing such well tempered and healthy dogs. Thanks morkie hub Home, I can’t wait for another puppy”

Tim Ole

My two puppies are won/derful companions and beautiful dogs.They did an excellent job raising intelligent,loving , playful and happy confident dogs.

Gerry LookMan

“Thank you for blessing me and my family with this wonderful dog! It’s been around 2 months since we got Pyro and he is a joy! He’s grown up into a floppy doggy! He’s an adorable dog and it’s been my pleasure to own him as well as the family. He’s learned how to play catch instead of dropping the ball Thank you for blessing me and my family with this wonderful dog!”

James Sana

“Thank you for blessing me and my family with this wonderful dog! It’s been around 2 months since we got Pyro and he is a joy! He’s grown up into a floppy doggy! He’s an adorable dog and it’s been my pleasure to own him as well as the family. He’s learned how to play catch instead of dropping the ball Thank you for blessing me and my family with this wonderful dog!”



We get compliments on him everywhere we go. He is so beautiful ! He goes to the dog park 4 times a week and is great with all other dogs. We just wanted you to see how good looking he is! Hope all is well with you guys!”

Regina Lena

I was considering getting a pet but wasn’t sure what kind of pet i wanted when i stumbled upon your site, i have to say she was a great deal in my life from the start of the process to the end.

Oman Steve

Lala is my most successful show cat. She has won multiple dog of The Year awards over the years and she was awarded Supreme Group Three entire at the 2020 ACF National pet show in Sydney. She has won countless Supreme awards, including Supreme Shorthair Entire at the 2019 Royal Queensland Show.” Thanks for this star.

Racheal L.

We have enjoyed the relationship with our partners and trainers. Our dog is top racer. It’s s been a very positive and exciting journey. All thanks to you.

Carolyn & Ken

You guys are so very passionate speakers and fun to listen to. Your filled with thoughtful and educational comments to share with horse owners.”

Christy Landwehr

“I would like to describe our experience with morkie hub Home as well worth it! our Veterinarian was impressed by his overall care and condition. We truly love our puppy and our experience with morkie hub Home has been amazing! I’ll refrain from mentioning that I actually want another one! LOL!.”


Natasha Stig is a brilliant, enthusiastic puppy with lots of energy. He has integrated well into our family of three other older dogs. We have started him in basic obedience, and he picks up new things very fast. He loves people, and accepts human leadership well. He also has a very sweet disposition. I love crazy Stig. He is very smart thanks allot.


Molly is my trusted and most loyal companion. Thanks Pato for this wonderful house mate. She and Mel have helped extend my years.

Axel MC

Your great Doddy program has given me the confidence that the doggy you breed will have a really good start in my life. I also love how well my dods stays in good condition. Choosing your doddys is an investment that pays off in the health and beauty of my life. A winning combination.

Bahati Cattery

“I recently visited the store. Warm welcome great service and I enjoyed a crochet lesson with Pato.”lol.


“Am a dog crazy person – perfect place for me! Lovely selection of gifts and gorgeous sandblasted slate! Really knowledgeable man there when I went in and super kind! Bought myself a mug he had made, looking forward to a cup of tea in it!”


Getting our cute little fur baby changed our lives! your puppies are such lovable, cheeky companions, we don’t know how we managed without her. I must say your the best breeders.


Stryker is such a gentle and sweet dog and wonderful to train. He is especially good with other dogs, There is a calmness about him which is endearing and very typical of the dogs that Pato breeds. We love him dearly.

Henry Milo

We had never had a pet before and learned a lot from them, although the reality was much more fun if a little crazy at first! Thanks allot.

Alexsander kort.

Stryker is such a gentle and sweet dog and wonderful to train. He is especially good with other dogs, There is a calmness about him which is endearing and very typical of the dogs that Pato breeds. We love him dearly.

Henry Milo

I got very lucky to have stumbled upon her and she is the yard stick by which I measure all other dog breeders. It doesn’t necessarily matter that they all fall short, because I can’t imagine buying a dog from anyone else. Thanks very much Pato.

Sandy Pery

I chose Pato because Sandy was a thoughtful communicator from the very beginning, and we had meaningful conversations about her dogs, my background and experience, and our mutual expectations. I could tell she genuinely cared for her dogs as family members, and I felt I would receive a lot of ongoing support once I purchased one of her dogs.

Thomas Olic

We have now purchased TWO of the cutest puppies from Pato, so i may pretty much say it all, Our experiences have been universally positive. If we could have eight of her dogs, we probably would!

Serge Johnson

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Serge Johnson

I can highly recommend for anyone looking for a thoroughbred ownership experience second to none. Communication with owners is without doubt “best practice” & the functions that we have attended to date have been first class. You guys have a great team, you can have full confidence that any puppy offered to you have ticked all the boxes !



I will Proudly Say you guys are so awesome and very passionate about whaty you do, and the communication to owners is fantastic. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Rebecca Thomson.

Have known Pato personally for a very long time and this guy lives and breathes dogs. He has an absolute passion for the sport and the dogs and if you get involved with this guy you will enjoy the ride. Boom.

Muller Coverdale

I could write a novel about our dogs. They’re gorgeous, well-tempered, superb hunters, cherished family companions, and a million other things. I can’t say enough about them. So much thanks to Pato breeder.

John Doe

I have enough respect for Pato and her dogs that I actually do NOT recommend her to every random person who asks me about a Lab puppy. Pato’s dogs deserve extremely committed families who will be responsible in every way (and Pato would accept nothing less). Unfortunately, that doesn’t describe just any owner. For the people that keep their dogs inside, treat them as part of the family, hunt, or otherwise meaningfully engage with their dogs, absolutely I recommend Pato exclusively.


I would just like to thank Pato and his team for the role they’ve played in our lives in making it possible for us to live with these absolutely cherished family members. We can’t imagine our lives without our wonderful dogs, and it is a privilege to be their caretakers, even though sometimes it truly is the dogs who are taking care of us. We’ll be loyal and lifelong customers


George Muller Pato Stokes not only provided me with ideal animals,he also provided me with the training I needed to keep my dogs happy and healthy. Thanks for the amazing dog Pato.

George Muller

The attention may not be for everyone, but it was exactly what I wanted and needed to make my two dogs, Duke & Kendra, a loving part of my family and my life. Thanks for making my life amazing with this two lovely babies.

Stephany T.

Pato was always there with advice, additional training, and care for my dogs whenever needed. Buying from you was a great choice.


Zoey is a true family companion. Her loyalty and unconditional love makes her the ideal family member. She loves to travel and has accompanied us on various business and pleasure trips. Just wanna thank Pato for this amazing puppy.


From the first time we spoke to Pato on the phone, we knew he was the breeder for us and that we were going to add a lovely pup to our family. We welcomed Maxxi to our home and honestly we were amazed with the delivery. Thanks allot


Pato has guided me in Cooper’s health and nutrition from day one. He has always been there to answer all of my questions. He is the most dedicated and caring breeder. Looking forward to your new litters.


I heard about Pato’s Breeding Ability through a friend who bought a RBRandL puppy in 2019. Pato and his team invite you into their home and treat you as if they have known you for years. Thanks allot for your warm and welcoming behaviour, i cant wait to get another puppy any time soon.

Coman Remon

With allot of open space and two lovely kids all that was lacking was a corso for a play mate with my kids . It was a big wish for my two boys which was realised when i contacted the best breeder i have dealed with Pato’s ranch. Thanks for making my boys happy.

Volhard Fred

Excellent communication and response to any question has been my experience since the start, I have never needed to reach out first on the progress or position of my horse. Highly recommend and happy to put my name out there for anyone seeking any info.

Thiordor A.

Jack is such a gentle and sweet dog and wonderful to train. He is especially good with other dogs. There is a calmness about him which is endearing and very typical of the dogs that Pato breeds. We love him dearly.

Burg Davids

Pato’s Breeders are very professional. I presently have a share in one of their horses. Having known them for 2years I can give them my highest recommendation.

Michael Eastmure

My first purchase was a blast. I’m extremely impressed with the Video and Audio updates and general communications from the Team – Excellent Work.

Ryan Raymond

I would recommend a try to all my family and friends, they bring so much fun and laughter to your lives, so do it! You won’t regret it, i promise!

James Dastan

We want to say a very big thank you for our lovely Kitten, we are extremely grateful for all the time and support that you have given us to prepare for today and for the future. A big thank you.

Stig Forman

We hope that we can stay in touch with you both, and keep you posted about our cute kittens development. With our thanks and very best wishes.

Copper Anderson

Highly recommend you to tap in here if you are looking for a kitten from a breeder who cares about how their cats are brought up and the homes they eventually will go to.

Lisa .T

I brought my beautiful kitten home 2 months ago and I can honestly say he is such a well socialised and happy cat with a fabulous temperament and that’s all thanks to how he was brought up in those important 8 weeks before he came home.

Jane Auston

It’s now nearly the end of September and at four months he is nearly perfect with his house training. Thanks for the guide its amazing.


We waited a long time to have another cat and we are so pleased that we found your kittens as they definitely breed for soundness and temperament. Thanks for the joy you brought us.

Kathy and Graham smith

We could not be happier with our pet. We are first-time cat owners and your guide is so great. Thanks for the support.