10 Important Questions On Flying With Your Morkie Dog

Being a dog owner can make traveling a bit tricky. What should you do with your little pup? Do you just take them with? What if you can’t? Who’s gonna watch them? Wait, can you even take a dog on a plane? And will your dog still love you if you leave them for a week? We wanted to try and make things a bit easier for you. Here are 10 questions you might want to ask yourself when planning a trip with (or without) your Morkie dog:

1. Can I Bring My Morkie Dog On a Plane With Me?

Yes. You can take your Morkie on a plane with you. Generally, you can fly with any size/type dog. If your dog is under 20 pounds – It can usually fit in a small carrier under the seat in front of you. Morkie dogs, being so small, will fit into this catagory. So yes, you can bring your Morkie on the flight with you.

2. Do I Need To Contact The Airline Before Traveling With My Dog?

Absolutely! While most airlines will happily let you bring your Morkie dog along, it will also depend on the aircraft. Some planes are too small and don’t have enough room for doggie crates. Another thing to keep in mind is some airlines do restrict the number of pets allowed on a plane. So MAKE SURE to call the airline, prior to booking your ticket, just to be on the safe side.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Fly With a Morkie Dog?

Airlines will usually charge a fee of around $50-$100. However, that fee could be waved if your Morkie is a service dog or depending on your membership status with the particular airline. The fee has to be paid in advance, another reason you would want to contact your airline prior to booking the ticket.

4. Do I Need To Bring Any Documents With Me?

Some airlines (especially when traveling internationally) do require you to show proof of your dog being vaccinated. So, contact the airline first and ask them, then visit your vet and bring the proper documentation with you to the airport. Here’s another tip for you: take pictures of the documents with your phone. Just in case.

5. What Is The Best Travel Carrier For a Morkie Dog?

The carrier you choose needs to be well ventilated, and your Morkie needs to be able to stand up and turn around in it. Experts recommend a soft sided carrier.

If you want something affordable, the ‘Sherpa Travel Carrier’ is approved by most airlines (in all sizes) and was also Amazon’s choice in 2018.  The one I use when traveling with my Morkie is the ‘Sleepypod Pet Carrier’I’d highly recommend it, though it is pricy ($157 on Amazon). If you travel at least once a year it would be worth your investment. Your Morkie will be more comfortable in it. It’s warmer, more padded, and easy to carry.

6. How Do I Make My Morkie More Comfortable During The Flight?

Well, Your little Morkie will spend most of the flight in their carrier – So your job is to make it a happy place for them. Make sure to purchase a carrier a week or two before the flight, so you have time to get your dog used to being in it. You can even make your Morkie love it! How? First, try padding the inside of the carrier with a worn T-shirt to make it smell like you. Try to feed your Morkie while in the carrier. Then, Use treats and praise to teach them to get in the carrier and stay in it for different periods of times.

I would not skip these steps. Morkies are stubborn dogs – and you want them to be as quiet and relaxed during the flight. That will only happen if you prepare them for it.

7. What To Do Before The Flight?

The day of the flight, try to remain calm – You don’t want any nervousness to reflect in your morkie’s behavior. Before leaving for the airport, have a long play session with your pup, maybe a long walk. The more tired your Morkie is before the flight – The better. And of course, make sure your dog gets to do their business before leaving.

8. What Will Happen When I Get To The Airport?

Try keeping your Morkie in their carrier. Airports can be very exciting for small dogs. If your Morkie loves people, which they probably do, it could also be a bit overwhelming.

When you get to security, you will be asked to remove your dog from the carrier. The carrier will then go through the x-ray machine, while you will carry your Morkie with you through the metal detector.  To avoid chasing your Morkie through a busy airport – You might want to use treats to lure them back in to the carrier once you are done with security.

When boarding the plane, place the carrier under the seat in front of you, and try not to get your Morkie too excited, In the hope that they would just take a nap. The time before take off will probably be the most stressful, as your pup might try to bark and get you to take them out of the carrier. There isn’t much you can do, but your dog should quiet down eventually.

9. How Do I Make My Morkie Calm Down If They Bark?

As mentioned, your Morkie will probably calm down on their own. However, there are a few things you can try. Some people poke a foot into the carrier – It might provide comfort, as well as something for your Morkie to play with (or chew on?).

You can try placing your phone close to the carrier and play your dog some music – It might distract them from the situation. Also, you can try giving them their favorite toys to play with, their favorite bones to chew on, of some of their favorite treats.

However, don’t over stress yourself. They will eventually calm down, I promise.

10. What If My Dog Needs To Go Potty During The Flight?

The answer to this question will depend on your dog, and the length of the flight. If the flight is short and your Morkie is potty trained, there shouldn’t be a problem. If your Morkie is potty trained but the flight is long, take some Puppy Pads with you. When your Morkie tells you they need to go, slide one in the carrier. However, if your Morkie is still a small puppy, or suffers from frequent accidents, you might want to pad the carrier with some puppy pads in advance. You might even want to try getting some Doggy Diapers.

Do you have any traveling tips for us? Let us know in the comments and we will share them on our next post!

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