The 10 Best Toys For Yorkie & Morkie Dogs

Dogs love to play, especially small dogs. Whenever they get the chance they will jump, run and try to get you to play with them and give them attention and cuddles But what kind of toys should you choose for your Morkie / Yorkie puppy, or any other puppy for that matter? What kind of toys can stimulate their interests? Check out our 10 most recommended dog toys for Yorkie & Morkie dogs.

Best Yorkie / Morkie Toys On a Budget

‘ZippyPaws’ Squeaking Duck Toy For Dogs

A cool simple dog toy, that is plush filled, and grunts when squeezed. Will give your Morkie hours of play and chew time.

Price: $5.95
Where To Get: Amazon, Walmart

KONG’ Squeakair Tennis Ball with Rope Dog Toy

Just your simple tennis ball for dog, but with added non-toxic rope that won’t wear out your Morkie’s teeth, and it squeaks to get your puppy more excited.

Price: $9.95
Where To Get: Amazon, Walmart

‘PuppyChew’ Pacifier Puppy Teething Chew Toy

This was my Morkie’s favorite when teething. Provides hours of chew and play, nice squaking sound, and made of safe non toxic rubber. And it’s plain adorable!

Price: $9.06
Where To Get: Amazon, Walmart

Smart Toys For Your Yorkie / Morkie

‘Foobler’ Timed Self Reloading Puzzle Feeder

This one is super cool. This round colorful ball will give your dog hours of play by an auto dispensing yummy treats to keep the dog interested, and it’s not too pricey either. Watch how it works here

Price: $29.99
Where To Get: Amazon

‘Kong’ Quest WishBone Dispensing Dog Toy

Same concept, but cheaper and different shaped. Plus, you can fit almost any treat into this one, and you dog would love playing with it until they get those treats out.

Price: $14.08
Where To Get: Amazon

High End Gadgets For Yorkie & Morkie Dogs

‘PetCube’ Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

If you want to interact with your Dog when you are away from home, this is the toy for you. This state of the art ‘PetCube’ camera will let you talk to your dog, take pictures and videos, and even play using a built in laser pointer toy.

Price: $149.99
Where To Get: Amazon


Our current favorite when it comes to puppy gadgets. This fun toy will give your dog hours of play and fun by launching the balls for you and give your pet a great play experience.

Price: $149.99
Where To Get: Amazon

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